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The single LP, in a simple jacket with reverse-side printing, will be limited to a total of 300 copies worldwide with 200 copies pressed on Black Vinyl and 100 copies pressed on clear vinyl (label exclusive).

The band comments on Inceste and the four new B-side tracks for the vinyl release:

"Inceste is an interpretation of the works of French aristocrat Marquis de Sade. We wanted to make a record that was sordid, invasive, and child like at times. Extreme highs and lows are everywhere on this EP. The music always reflects the lyrics. Nothing on Inceste is stable. Everything instrument bends and twists and wrenches, forcing its way inside of you.

Our fan base has an intrinsic understanding that our influences predominantly come from the Jazz, Classical, and modern Avant-garde worlds, more so than the metal world, so we thought it would be a more unique and interesting approach to make the B-side that of non-metal content. It gives the listener and fan a chance to delve deeper into the elements of our music that are not only unique to us as a unit, but that also can often times be misconstrued as ‘extra layers.’ Note that everything we put on our records is important to us as any vocal, guitar, or drum track, and we figured it would be a nice treat for the true fan if they were allowed a chance for these vignettes of our music to be heard without the squall of intensity that is IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT i.e. with Nefertiti being a homage and nod to one IMPERIAL’s biggest musical influences.”

Select Quotes for the EP release of Inceste:

“In a sea of bands that are trying to be both dangerous and unorthodox, Imperial Triumphant are one of the few that actually succeed.” Metal Sucks

“With Inceste, Imperial Triumphant have fully given in to their fascination with the avant-garde, while staying true to their roots as a technical black/death metal band.” CVLT Nation

“At times downright terrifying (which is no easy feat these days) and other points equally sadistic, Imperial Triumphant bring you into a gripping vision of madness in a way that no other band is really attempting.” 9/10 Dead Rhetoric

“I’m impressed with how many twists they navigate while never sacrificing the mood for thrill.” Teeth of the Devine

"A mad, confusing cacophony of bizarre riffs, weird time changes, and wonderfully prominent yet strange bass lines, all the while enhanced by a certain air of authenticity."


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