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ULTAR - "Kadath"



Kadath cover


ULTAR - Kadath


Basic Details

Release Date: 2016.10.21
Formats: 6pp DigiCD
Limitation: Undisclosed
Status: Available

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Album Description

Ultar is a five-piece band from the heart of Siberia, Krasnoyarsk town, that is placed amidst the howling woods and red mountains. Found in 2011 under the other name, Deafknife, as a post-black metal act, the band reborn in 2016 with the new name, new approach and epicly atmospheric sound.

The conceptual six track album "Kadath" consists of four songs with ten-minute average duration and two short instrumental ones. Its sound can be described as a mixture of post-black metal with a monumental post-metal sound, and airy and melodic shoegaze, filled with melodies of both desperation and rejoice, supplemented by inserts of wind instruments, choir and piano.

The album is a journey of a young man to the Kadath – Lovecraftian divine City of Gods, hidden in the Land of Dreams. As the legends say, no man reached Kadath, and no one can surely tell you, reather it is real or not. But more than that, it is also a lifetime journey through the deeps of our souls and minds, covert passions and emotions, the great search of ourselves and our inner freedom that will light the way.


The album received finishing touches courtesy of mastering engineer, Mell Dettmer, who counts Sunn o))), Fyrnask, Earth and Below The Sun among her previous clients.




It’s so nice when the sights and sounds of a music video come together in a well-crafted partnership. - No Clean Singing

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