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Nebelung - "Palingenesis"



Nebelung - Palingenesis


Basic Details

Release Date: 18.02.2014 (CD) /18.03.2014 (LP)
Formats: DigiCD / Gatefold DLP
Limitation: Undisclosed / 500 including 100 special
Status: Coming soon

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Album Description

Track List:

1. Mittwinter
2. Nachtgewalt
3. Aufgang
4. Polaris
5. Wandlung
6. Innerlichkeit


Derived from the greek words for 'birth' [genesis] and 'again' [palin], the term Palingenesis refers to a variety of concepts of rebirth and recreation, ranging from the stoic idea of the continuing recreation of the cosmos, the christian belief in spiritual regeneration through baptism, or the originally pythagoreean concept of the souls' transmigration into a new body. NEBELUNG take up the energy behind these concepts, using them as archetypal images for mans' eternal strive for spiritual perfection in a meditation on death and decay, transformation and renewal.

More than two years on the making, the release of PALINGENESIS defines a new era for NEBELUNG. Where its predecessors had been singing the hymn of autumn and night by the means of simply structured melancholic folk songs, PALINGENESIS takes on a different approach, transcending the boundaries of lyrics and song, sparing light and reason, and letting the music take on a direct and unaltered way to the depths of the subconscious. PALINGENESIS is a deep and transforming listen, with tracks built up like Mantras, tucking the listener into a dense and detailed tapestry of subtly woven, intertwining melodies and drones, rich in detail and structure, incorporating such a variety of acoustic instruments as both classical and steel stringed guitars, cello, accordion, indian harmonium, hammered dulcimer, glass harp, percussion and voice.

"’Palingenesis’ is impossibly delicate, impeccably rendered neofolk; it is transporting and autumnal, bringing spectral figures into focus, exploring with curiosity and wonder the darkest heart of a vast folkloric wilderness." - Michael Nelson, STEREOGUM


Heathen Harvest

Music Video

NEBELUNG 'Mittwinter' (official music video) from ToT Records on Vimeo.

Artwork Details

Nebelung Vinyl overview





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