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Vertilger Cover




Basic Details

Release Date: 23.09.2013
Formats: DigiCD
Limitation: Undisclosed
Status: Out Now!

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Album Description

1. Lachenvieh
2. Schabenbrut
3. Multiformale Leiberdimension
4. Kadavermeer
5. Prothesensucht

The obliteration is a principle which sets down the exploitation of external material for every organism. The principle is preserved by the permanent production of biomass. The usage of achievements of destruction becomes the base of all life. Every organism is thrown and obtained through the tunnel of decomposition.

This comprehension of the obliteration became the initial point for the musical and lyrical abstractions.
64 minutes of music and a 28pp booklet with photos based on every song and texts in German and English.
This piece is thrown to devour.

First 100 copies come with a logo patch.




I really can’t foresee wanting to make myself that vulnerable again for Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit to deconstruct (or rape) my senses - Worm Gear Zine

Experimental German two-piece VFDU definitely kicks that "surprise" up a notch. Composed of five songs with unbelievably long lengths, this disc certainly goes above, beyond, below, under, through, to the side of, and every other which way that you can possibly think of. - The Grim Tower [9 / 10]

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