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TOTAL NEGATION - Zur späten Stunde | Zeiträume


Total Negation 2 EP Cover


TOTAL NEGATION - Zur späten Stunde | Zeiträume


Basic Details

Release Date: 31.03.13
Formats: Digi CD
Limitation: Undisclosed
Status: Out Now

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Album Description

1 Einkehr
2 Abstieg
3 Einzug
4 Freilauf
5 Geist
6 Zeit
7 Raum
8 Traum

Total Negation's second release combines two conceptual linked EPs. Strict sound structures and good compositional work has always been a feature for Wiedergaenger's music projects. This time, he takes one step forward and enters into a more open and intriguing territory, which results in a totally refreshing and retrospective sound and a different musical approach compared to the highly acclaimed debut album "Zeitenwende".

"Zur späten Stunde" is the nightly trip of a resting mind and body with psychedelic escapades. Lyrically, it explores the transcendental moments and the delirious state of mind right before drifting off to sleep. These short moments have to be recognized, properly handled and
used to your advance.

"Zeiträume" features instruments like the Vibraphone and Melodica, which are rather uncommon within the metal scene. They are taking main lead in this particular EP, while the four songs are circling around the visions in our dreams and how they blurr with reality.

The Black Metal roots are still apparent, but this release shows, how a musician can free himself from genre-specific ingredients and dogmas, follwing the path and state of mind of many Krautrock musicians in the late 60s and early 70s.

This album will be presented in a noble 6pp digifile with 12pp booklet, all printed on high quality textured rough paper stock.

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