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Melencolia Estatica



ME logo


Climaxia: guitars, bass, concept, vocal orchestrations


Afthenktos: lyrics and vocals
Thorns: drums




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Untitled - Full-length, 2006
Letum - Full-length, 2008
Hel - Full-length, 2012

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Latest news

- New record deal signed with ToT
- 3rd album "Hel" to be released in November, 2012


- "FROST BLACK FEST II" 17 th of November 2012 - Grotta rossa Via della Lontra 40 Rimini (Italy)




Melencolia Estatica is a solo project founded and created by Climaxia since 2004 but only a pair of years ago we had the possibility to concretize these abstract thoughts and reflections. In 2006 the first full length has released, it summarized the first years of this project, we deliberately decided to not release any demo but to start with a real album because we wanted jump this passage to better focus the attention on the one which was the first record. The concept and the sound of the first album was focused on depressive black metal,  reinterpreted in a personal vision of life and feelings.

In 2006 the second step of this project "Letum" summarizes the past and present life of M.E. interpreted in a more structured and less unripe key. In difference to the first album, Letum is focused in a better way on the theme of  “overtaking” interpreted not in the classical meaning of “death”, but as an undefined condition of oblivion, a labyrinth with no a certain and bright end, a perpetual condition of stagnation in a no palpable reality...trying to get this feeling with a good job on graphics and artwork.

After a long break in 2010 Climaxia started to working on the third album "HEL" inspired by the movie "Metropolis" using collaborations with some artist like Mories from Gnaw Their Tongues for ambient orchestrations or graphic artists for the artowork. It rappresent the last step of the M.E: project..a new sound, new logo, new approach on musical experiments, giving a modern imprinting and a musical evolution on music on her point of view.





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