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IC REX - Vedenjakaja DLP


VJ vinyl cover


IC REX - Vedenjakaja DLP


Basic Details

Release Date: 2011.12.12
Formats: Gatefold DLP
Limitation: 300 (100 die hard)

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Album Description

Swedish stronghold of aesthetic darkness Temple Of Torturous will release a special double-LP vinyl edition of IC REX's massive & mesmerizing "Vedenjakaja" opus. Set for release this December, the double-vinyl edition of IC REX's Vedenjakaja will include two vinyl-only bonus tracks, making the whole experience ~ 70 minutes in length.

After a short period of silence, the third and final full-length album of the widely acclaimed Finnish gnostic Luciferian metal band IC REX is finally about to see the light of day in vinyl format through Temple Of Torturous. This special double-LP release manifests the third revelation of IC REX, "Vedenjakaja" ("The Aquarius"), in magnificent gatefold covers. The release offers an 8-page full-colour booklet with lyrics and alchemical keys together with the original CD cover and logo poster. With these, the mysteries begin to unravel...

The third album of IC REX, entitled Vedenjakaja (The Aquarius), is an icy & fiery veneration to the grand architect Lucifer, appearing in the age of Aquarius as the dissolutor of old forms and a giver of a new law. The official album consists of 7 hymns, which among other things occult are based upon depicting the inherent role of 'the true man' as the mediator between Gods and the world of manifestation.

Musically speaking, with Vedenjakaja IC REX has transformed slightly away from symphonic ambience into more guitar-oriented Black Metal. Beyond official album songs, the vinyl version reveals two exclusive bonus songs called "Kaukomieli" (The Wayward Wanderer) and "Punaisen Tulen Vihityt" (Initiates of the Ruby Fire).

The album is due to be released 12th of December 2011 through Temple Of Torturous. Expect nothing less than 70 minutes of bona-fide Luciferian excellence for all aspiring hermetic initiates!
Limited to 300 copies, first 100 copies in blue / indigo colour!


01. Prologi (Prolegomena)
02. Valolanka (Thread of Light)
03. Kristallipalatsi (Crystal Palace)
04. Näky Hävityksestä (Vision of Desolation)

05. Hautajaiskulkue (The Funeral Procession)

06. Mestarin Ääni (Voice of the Master)
07. Vedenjakaja (The Aquarius)

08. Kaukomieli (The Wayward Wanderer) VINYL BONUS

09. Punaisen Tulen Vihityt (Initiates of the Ruby Fire) VINYL BONUS



Sound Samples

Artwork Details

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