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IC REX - Valonkantajan Alkemia DLP

IC REX - VA Cover


IC REX - Valonkantajan Alkemia DLP


Basic Details

Release Date: 2011.2.13
Formats: Gatefold DLP
Limitation: 500 (incl. 100 die hard)

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Album Description

1. Saturnaalisen Alkukaaoksen Partaalla
2. Alisen Maailman Virroissa
3. Väkivaltaisten Tulien Hehkussa
4. Kielletty Lääke - Fosforoksen Valmistus
5. Valonkantajan Ylösnousemus
6. Kaikkivaltiaan Kammioissa
7. Välttämättömyyden Pyöräin Lävitse
8. Sielun Alkemistin Uni
9. Mercurial (vinyl only bonus)
10. Dissolution (vinyl only bonus)


Valonkantajan Alkemia is primarily an audial, aetheric manifestation of the Absolute, Silent Void.
The Modus Operandi of this both humble and noble work is from the artists part not meant for amusement, for simple, unimportant and shallow entertainment, or for sudden fligths of fanciful chimeras.
From the very beginning one is expected to leave the yoke of the sick human condition behind, in the intent to be truly One with the help of the Forbidden Medicine.
This album is meant to be a meditative and transformative, a metamorphic experience. Initiatory, if you will.
It is naturally for you to decide, whether this piece of Sacred Black Art succeeds in this noble purpose.
We have avoided the luring temptation to correct small playing mistakes and atonalities with the help of modern technology in order to keep the alchemical process intact and alive, and for the Black Magic to remain in a vital and effective state. None of this is said to burden the listener with stupid, pre-conceived notions of what one is ought to find from the album, nor is it meant to infuse stone hardened dogmas or impose vain, personal ideologies that matter very little to none in the esoteric scheme of things. Quite the contrary, one who will delve more deeply into the secrets that this album for its own part reflects, is expected to question everything, and not to believe anything without personal experience.
It is confirmed by the Hermetic Masters that they have never written for any other than to themselves and to their collegues.
That is certainly not the result of artificial and shallow pride, but instead proceeds from the fact that the mind of the ignorant should not be confused.
With the same intention, my brothers and sisters of the Luciferian Nightside, I present this piece of spagyric art for you, so that it could help you in your own endeavours towards transcendent Self Mastery.
Don’t fool yourselves in the light of this knowledge. Silentium est Aureum, Silence is Golden.
Only in inner tranquillity, in the deserts of the mind, the voice of The Silent God may manifest its Self for the seeker.

- Artifex IC

- Gatefold DLP w/ 8pp booklet
- Completely re-mixed and re-mastered for the vinyl version to increase the possibility of metanoia in the consciousness of the initiates and listeners
- 2 exclusive bonus tracks
- A3 poster
- limited to 500 copies, 100 in splatter, 400 in black
- (zipped) hooded sweatshirt with exclusive design for this album



Artwork Details

Splatter pic





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